Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Holiday's!

The holiday season is upon us and Mary and I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. It will be time for our 4th annual trade fair at Schoenbrunn before you know it with planning in full swing. The fair committee will be meeting with Ken Netting next week to procure our Fowler for this year's raffle and many other Vendor's have already donated items for 2012! We will make every effort to make the 2012 Trade Fair even better than last year's event and I look forward to seeing you all again in the Village.

Mary and I will be traveling to Dennison, Ohio this weekend for their annual Polar Express event. Mary, being a children's Librarian, will be one of the many story tellers on hand for the event. It should be a huge success again this year. If you can, stop by and say hello. The event is at the Dennison Train Depot Museum this Saturday and Sunday. Check out their web site for more details.

Time to start the Christmas shopping so I have to run. Winter well and we'll be back soon!


Jack Johnson

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2012 Schoenbrunn Trade Fair web site updated!

Here is a view from the Museum down the left side of the Village. Walk down the main road past these camps and you will find Vendor's, food, cabins filled with more Vendor's and re enactors portraying 18th century life in the Village. Planning for next year has begun, the web site, has been updated and will continue to be updated thru the year. If you have been juried for our event, simply email me later in 2012 to say you will be attending and your all set. Those who have not been juried, either Vendor's or re enactors, you will need to fill out your application and submit with photos to me no later than September 30, 2012. All the necessary information on the process is on our web site.
There is plenty of room for camping and for Vendor's. We will be running another raffle for operation of the Trade Fair so look for detail early next year on our web site. We will be downliading photos of this year's Fair on the web site soon as well so check it out often. Thanks for stopping by!

Jack Johnson

Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Trade Fair a huge success!

Well, the Trade Fair is over for another year and it was a huge success. Sunny weather all weekend, with some wind but no storms. Participation was up 60% over last year! The public really loved the event and I hope everyone had a wonderful time. Special thanks go out to Greg and Marianne Leopold who made sure we had enough wood and their food was fantastic! A BIG thanks you to Mark Cory for handling the musket demonstrations both days and to all his "militia" for dirtying their guns for the public's enjoyment! Special thanks to Greg Sandor who helped round up the militia for the demo's and doing demo's on the side for the public.
Thanks to all the Vendor's who came out and I hope to see them all back next year. Of course, thanks to the staff of the Village and the volunteers who, without them, the Fair could not be held. The breakfasts were great and their cooperation immense.

Next year's Fair is already being planned. October 20 and 21, 2012! Get it on your calendar now and come back for updates as they unfold. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Jack Johnson

Monday, September 26, 2011

Trade Fair begins in 20 days!

Well, only 20 days till the 3rd annual Trade fair opens at Schoenbrunn Village. There is still time to get your applications and jury photos in so don't delay. We have hit 200 juried participants and, hopefully, at least 75% will make the trip. The cabins are ready for their weekend inhabitants, the grounds will be mowed and wood stacked for the many camps that will be present. Please remember, no fire pits allowed, only surface fires. Schoenbrunn is an archaeological site that has not been disturbed for 60 years and we want to keep it that way! The only things left to do is set up your camps and pray for great weather! I'll see you all in 3 weeks.


Jack Johnson

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lantern Tour big success

Schoenbrunn Village had their fall lantern tour last night and it was a huge success. Weather was great, attendance was way up over the spring event, and the Village looked fantastic. The village is ready and waiting for our Trade Fair in 4 weeks! Plenty of wood is cut and stacked in strategic places throughout the Village. The grounds are in perfect condition for the fair. They are completing work on the roofs of the 4 round log cabins and should have them all done in time for the Fair. These 4 cabins are generally not used as they are very primitive but we do have 2 in use for the Trade Fair. Participant jurying is continuing. The number of juried participants is up to 194! All the Vendor's are returning and the 3 new Vendor's coming will add to the variety of items for sale.
We will have food inside the Village this year. Greg Leopold will be serving stew and bean soup by the school house which will be a big addition to this year's fair. If you are still thinking of attending, don't delay, get your application and photos in for jurying. If you have been juried for the Fair in past years, simply contact me to verify you are coming, nothing else is needed. Only new participants need to go thru the jury process.
Please don't forget the $5 donation for camping we are requesting this year. All the money goes to help Schoenbrunn continue operations. Bring your money for those Raffle tickets as well. $5 each or 6 for $25 to have a chance to win over $2500 in great prizes like the custom Ken Netting Fowler. Drawing at 2pm on Sunday, October 16th.
That's all for now, more on the Fair coming soon. See you all in 4 weeks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trade Fair Update

The Schoenbrunn Village Trade fair is only 5 1/2 weeks away! Once again this year, Albert Roberts, the 18th century Physician, will do demonstrations during the weekend. Parson John and his indentured servant, Maggie will also be back. Maggie will be doing ongoing demonstrations for everyone and an 18th century sermon by the parson will take place Sunday, 10/16 at 10:30 am at the Meeting House. The Village Apothecary will in business with leeches and maggots to thrill the crowds!
In addition, 2 new Vendors will be attending: Bushnell Bottle Company and Virginia Floor Cloth and Textiles. Added to our quality Vendor's, there will be something for everyone to see and buy.
There is still time to get your application and jury photos in, go to Tickets for our Raffle to support the Village will also be on sale at the Fair. The drawing for all the great prizes will be at 2pm on Sunday 10/16. Information on the raffle is on our web site as well. See you in the fall at Schoenbrunn Village.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Schoenbrunn Village Lantern Tour Sept 17th.

The fall Lantern Tour at the Village will be September 17th, 2011 starting at 7 pm and running till 10pm. The tour is open to the public and is a great chance to see the Village before the Trade Fair in October. Normal admission rates apply and each person/family will have a lantern to walk with and tour the cabins and grounds. Each cabin will have Village volunteers in period dress, demonstrating colonial crafts, cooking, and other essential frontier skills. Lee McBee and I will be at the Connor cabin demonstrating musket and military tactics. If you're in the area on the 17th., plan on attending the Lantern Tour, it's a fun family event.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Trade Fair is just 7 weeks away! We just had another meeting at the Village last night and everything is on schedule for another great event. I found out last night that OHS is not helping out this year with any funds to run the Fair! With attendance at all historical sites down due to the economy, this is putting a severe bind on operations not only for the Trade fair but also for the Village in general.
To help generate the needed funds to keep the Trade Fair going, we would like a donation of $5 per person or $25 for a military group( the groups choice to pay the $25 or $5 each whichever is less), for those participants who are camping for the weekend. This is a donation and is not required for camping/attendance to the Fair. Please keep in mind that you will have the opportunity to have a FREE breakfast both days supplied by the Village Volunteers.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Schoenbrunn Trade Fair in 2 months!

The 2011 Schoenbrunn Trade fair is 2 months away! It's hard to believe but fall is coming faster than we want. The juried participant list is growing weekly with double the participants from last year! I'll be traveling to the Village in 2 weeks to make final preparations for the Fair, making sure the wood supply will be ready along with making sure the cabins are ready for the Vendors and participants. For those of you in the area, Schoenbrunn's fall Lantern Tour is Saturday, September 17th., starting at 7pm. Stop by in modern or period dress to spend some quite time in the Village, it's a fun night.

Keep those applications for the Fair coming in and I'll see you October 14th!


Jack Johnson

Friday, July 1, 2011

New site director at Schoenbrunn Village

Laura Milarcek has left Schoenbrunn Village as it's site director effective Saturday, July 2, 2011. The new director will be Kate Smith. Kate has been working at the Village as well as the Dennison Train depot and will do a fine job at the Village.

In addition, the fair will include 2 new Vendor's/demonstrators: Darrel Lang, a member of Wulff's Ranger's who does great leather work and Carl Giordano who will be demonstrating 18th Century tin work. The number of juried participants is growing and it looks like we'll have a great turnout in October.

I was at the Village recently and the grounds look great as usual. I am planning on having tents set up from the entrance all the way down the main road as well as the side street. Last two years the Village would not allow camps set up as you enter the Village but that has changed for this year. Those of you who are juried and will camp, get there early as possibly to get the prime spots. If you haven't sent in your application and photos for the Fair, don't delay. You will have a fantastic time in a fantastic historical site.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming up next weekend, June 25th and 26th, at the Dennison Train Depot in Dennison, Ohio will be Soldiers Fest. Both Lee McBee and I will be there in the 18th century area and will have plenty of tickets for the Raffle on hand. Dennison is a little SE of New Philadelphia and it's a great weekend. The Soldier's Fest celebrates our soldiers from 18th century thru present day. It has a great museum and was a stopping point for WWII soldiers on their way East. There will be WWII reenactments with GI's and German's and a Civil War encampment. Check out their web site for more details at
Don't forget to bring money for Schoenbrunn's raffle tickets or better yet, get on our web site at for all the details and photos. Hope to see you at the Dennison Train Depot next weekend!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

When you attend the Schoenbrunn Village Trade Fair, you will have the opportunity to walk the same grounds as the original inhabitants of the Village did. The Village is on the exact site of the Delaware Moravian town started in 1772! There are 17 buildings on their original site presently. You will see the Meeting House which will host children's games and activities on Saturday and Sunday as well as hosting Parson John for his Sunday sermon. It will also host the Colonial Dinner Saturday night. The school house will be open for your continued learning! The 11 cabins are already reserved for Vendor's and re-enactors and 2 of the 3 Indian Cabins are also taken. There are several 2 story cabins and 1 double cabin with a breezeway. This cabin is home to Doctor Roberts and his 4 girls for the Fair. He will be demonstrating his craft at 3 shows, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Don't miss them, his program is fantastic!
While walking the grounds, you will be treated to the best 18th century re-enactors and products available. There will be beautiful 18th century pottery by Amanda and Pat Lipps from Common Ground Pottery, hand made leather goods by Bob Browder at Long Hunter Leather, Hand woven blankets and yarns by Cardon Wools. Hand Forged iron items by Randy Wolfe at Bethel Forge, Clothing by Mike Pullins at Ohio Valley Peddler as well as clothing from Hidden Dirk Mercantile. Hand made trade silver by Roger and Stacie Moore, custom made horn items by Wild Willy Frankfurt, master horner. 18th century militia leather from Darrel Lang of Wulff's Ranger's, assorted 18th century items from the mark Wiley at the Wiley House , assorted 18th century notions by Bruce Richmond of Stitches in Tyme, also attending will be Smoke and Fire offering just about everything 18th century, and much more.
You will see military and militia soldiers walking the grounds along with Eastern Woodland Indians. There will also be musket demonstrations each day for your enjoyment.
Please put our Trade Fair on your calendar for the 3rd weekend in October. It's a great way to share a fall weekend with the family at a fantastic historical site. You will not be disappointed!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Schoenbrunn Trade Fair Participants

I have been talking with many re enactors about the Trade Fair this year as I travel to events. Everyone who has attended the past 2 year's Trade Fair at Schoenbrunn are returning and many more have sent in their applications for the jury process. This year we will be pleased to have participants from Wulff's Ranger's, Speakman's Company, Colonel Crawford's Company, and the King's 8th Regiment.
The Trade Fair grounds are perfect for camping with plenty of shade trees, spring water, and quite, peaceful atmoshpere. The staff at Schoenbrunn Village is very helpful and greatly appreciates all of the re enactors for their help in making this event a success. They go out of their way to make sure we all have what we need to enjoy the weekend and if you haven't attended yet, you'll love their breakfast they put on for everyone Saturday and Sunday.
Check out our web site at It will have all the information on the application/jury process as well as Raffle ticket purchase. The raffle is very important to the Trade Fair as the Ohio Historical Society does not help in any way putting on the Trade Fair. The Raffle money will pay for advertising the Fair and any other items that require funds for the Fair.
This Trade Fair is put on solely thru the efforts of the Village Volunteers and the 4 man Fair Committee. Not only does the Raffle money help this great historical site, but you can win some fantastic prizes as well. Check it out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Trade Fair, although only in it's 3rd. year, is host to some of the best 18th Century vendor's available. This year's Fair will showcase these fine vendor's:

Common Ground Pottery
Ohio Valley peddler
Long Hunter Leather
Smoke and Fire
Bethel Forge
Cardon Wools
Wild Willy Frankfort - horner
Wiley House Shop
Hidden Dirk Merchantile
Stitches in Tyme
Roger Moore - silversmith
Robert Wolf - cooperage
Tim Dowler - horns and such
Patriots of the American Revolution Magazine
Laura Enock - weaver

Participants in the Fair will spend the weekend on the actual site of the Moravian Delaware Village in use from 1772 thru 1777. Schoenbrunn was right in the middle of the western theater of the Revolutionary War. The beautiful site is quite and once inside the Village, you will be able to totally immerse yourself in the 18th. Century. No power lines, lighting, or modern conveniences. There will be firewood and straw provided, ice available for sale, with modern restrooms just outside the museum and porta pots strategically located for your use. The Village volunteers provide all juried participants a FREE breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, a huge hit every year!

The public will be treated not only to what 18th. Century living was like, but can shop at the authentic Vendor's, buy 18th. century food, and learn from the many activities throughout the weekend. Come watch to Albert Roberts, the 18th. Century Doctor, ply his trade. Stop by the 18th. century Apothecary to see what methods of medicine were in use. Watch a weaver turn her yarn into products for sale. The sound of the Blacksmith's hammer rings out in the autumn air. The sounds of musket fire and the smell of powder mixes with the cool temperatures of October on the Village Green.
Maggie, the indentured servant, tells her sad story and don't miss the 18th. Century Sunday Sermon at the Meeting House by Parson John. All of this under the canopy of yellow and reds from the many trees throughout the Village.

You will leave the Fair, either as a participant or public, with a sense of what 18th Century living was like. We invite you all to our Living History weekend on October 15th. and 16th., 2011. Stop by our web site at for all the details. See you in October!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Schoebrunn Trade Fair Raffle

We are holding a raffle this year to help raise funds for the Fair operation. The raffle information can be found on our web site: Tickets are just $5 each or 6 for $25. The prizes are worth approx. $2700 with 7 places being raffled off. First place is a hand made English fowler made by Mr. Ken Netting. Other prizes include shot bags by Bob Browder and Rob Park, Randy Wolfe knife/sheath, powder horn by Wild Willy Frankfort, pottery by Common Ground Pottery, haversack by Stitches in Tyme, and a set of books on 18th century rangers by Matt Wulff. Photos are on the web site along with purchase information.
The prizes are great and your support will help insure continued use of this exceptional 18th century village.

2011 Schoenbrunn Village Trade Fair

Welcome to the Schoenbrunn Village Trade fair blog. For those of you who have not heard of this Trade fair, this year will be our 3rd annual event. The Fair will be held at Schoenbrunn Village in New Philadelphia, Ohio on October 14th thru the 16th. You can visit our web site at

This event is a juried Fair depicting the period from 1750 thru 1789. All the information on the jury process as well as applications to be juried are on the web site.

The Village is the first permanent settlement in Ohio and was a Moravian Delaware village. The present Village has 17 reconstructed buildings on their original site. It is a beautiful location that makes for a great weekend. Please check us out, we'd love to have you attend either as a participant or public.