Sunday, June 5, 2011

Schoenbrunn Trade Fair Participants

I have been talking with many re enactors about the Trade Fair this year as I travel to events. Everyone who has attended the past 2 year's Trade Fair at Schoenbrunn are returning and many more have sent in their applications for the jury process. This year we will be pleased to have participants from Wulff's Ranger's, Speakman's Company, Colonel Crawford's Company, and the King's 8th Regiment.
The Trade Fair grounds are perfect for camping with plenty of shade trees, spring water, and quite, peaceful atmoshpere. The staff at Schoenbrunn Village is very helpful and greatly appreciates all of the re enactors for their help in making this event a success. They go out of their way to make sure we all have what we need to enjoy the weekend and if you haven't attended yet, you'll love their breakfast they put on for everyone Saturday and Sunday.
Check out our web site at It will have all the information on the application/jury process as well as Raffle ticket purchase. The raffle is very important to the Trade Fair as the Ohio Historical Society does not help in any way putting on the Trade Fair. The Raffle money will pay for advertising the Fair and any other items that require funds for the Fair.
This Trade Fair is put on solely thru the efforts of the Village Volunteers and the 4 man Fair Committee. Not only does the Raffle money help this great historical site, but you can win some fantastic prizes as well. Check it out!

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