Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lantern Tour big success

Schoenbrunn Village had their fall lantern tour last night and it was a huge success. Weather was great, attendance was way up over the spring event, and the Village looked fantastic. The village is ready and waiting for our Trade Fair in 4 weeks! Plenty of wood is cut and stacked in strategic places throughout the Village. The grounds are in perfect condition for the fair. They are completing work on the roofs of the 4 round log cabins and should have them all done in time for the Fair. These 4 cabins are generally not used as they are very primitive but we do have 2 in use for the Trade Fair. Participant jurying is continuing. The number of juried participants is up to 194! All the Vendor's are returning and the 3 new Vendor's coming will add to the variety of items for sale.
We will have food inside the Village this year. Greg Leopold will be serving stew and bean soup by the school house which will be a big addition to this year's fair. If you are still thinking of attending, don't delay, get your application and photos in for jurying. If you have been juried for the Fair in past years, simply contact me to verify you are coming, nothing else is needed. Only new participants need to go thru the jury process.
Please don't forget the $5 donation for camping we are requesting this year. All the money goes to help Schoenbrunn continue operations. Bring your money for those Raffle tickets as well. $5 each or 6 for $25 to have a chance to win over $2500 in great prizes like the custom Ken Netting Fowler. Drawing at 2pm on Sunday, October 16th.
That's all for now, more on the Fair coming soon. See you all in 4 weeks!

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