Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here is a photo of some of the additional prizes for this years Schoenbrunn Trade Fair raffle. Missing is the pottery from Common Ground Pottery(its in Greg Leopolds capable hands!), glassware from Bushnell bottle(its wrapped safely till the Fair!), and Wild Willy's prize. The 2 bags also come with the matching belt bags, and the knife,trivett, and wallet from Bethel Forge are one prize. (The penny knife has their touchmark). Ticket sales are going well with only 1000 to be sold this year! Also, jurying is over on 9/30/12 so if you haven't attended our Fair before as a juried participant/vendor, get your application/photos in. Attended or been juried for the Fair in the past, simply email me to let me know you'll be there. See you in October!

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